Overall Theme

Header: We now have a custom Snoggletog header, designed from a single Rise of Berk background. The drop-down bars are also now customised to our colour scheme and the font is more minimalistic yet neater.


Background: The background is from another Snoggletog edition background from Rise of Berk, but I have made a few alterations.



Our Improvement Tags have been modified to look like these:

DTV cg toothless 04
This article is a Stub and needs more information. Please help by expanding it.
HTTYD Gronckle
This article needs of proper referencing and citations of an official/realiable source in the APA format. Please fix this.
Essential information on this article is missing and the article is in need of clean-up. Please fix this.
The gallery or quotes is/are not in order and is in need of organization. Please fix this.
This gallery needs more pictures. Please add more HD/HQ screenshots. Once there is a sufficent number of pictures on the gallery, this can be removed.

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